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Cinepix at Horror-Rama

Welcome back Cinepix fans. It’s been awhile. Sorry.

Greg Dunning, Helene Udy, Sylvia, Lori hallierLast weekend at Horror-Rama in Toronto, I had the pleasure of reuniting with two My Bloody Valentine stars, Helene Udy and Lori Hallier. They appeared for the 2 day event to meet fans, sign autographs, and give horror cinephiles the real scoop on what went down on set when this classic slasher was produced. Aware that Helene was appearing, I went into John’s archives and retrieved my favourite Halloween party prop, Sylvie on the shower head, so that I could return it to its human source. It was a truly shocking, hilarious, and wonderful reunion. Director, George Mihalka, clarified that this Sylvie version hit the Paramount cutting room floor back in ’82 and did not appear in the film due to her gory chest wound. It must be strangely odd for Helen to be reunited with her Sylvie character 35 years later. What does that feel like?

Howard Maurer, Deke Richards, Dyanne Thorne

Meanwhile in the suite, Deke Richards, producer of the upcoming documentary “Tax Shelter Terrors”, interviewed Dyanne “Ilsa” Thorne and husband Howard Maurer, both also at Horror-Rama to meet and greet their legions of fans. Dyanne and Howard are both ordained ministers and perform themed weddings in the Las Vegas area. They are often asked to get back into character, so they take a break from their thriving business to get together again with fans of the Ilsa Franchise. Seeing them below with John on The Tigress set, I think you would agree that they haven’t changed that much.


Lesleh Donaldson, Lisa Langlois, Helene Udy, Angry Sylvie, Greg Dunning

As luck would have it, Happy Birthday to Me alumnus, Lisa “Amelia” Langlois heard of the rough cut screening of Tax Shelter Terrors and was fortunately in Toronto and made an unexpected appearance. She reached Lesleh “Bernadette” Donaldson and both of them were absurdly generous with their time and granted us an extensive interview for the next version of the documentary. What an awesome reunion for fans of these great Slasher films!

Sylvie is really giving Helene an earful! She hasn’t had a drink for 35 years. Stay tuned for more news about “Tax Shelter Terrors”, produced by Deke Richards and Edited by Xavier Mendik, Director of the Cine-Excess International Film Festival.

Howard Maurer, John Dunning, Dyanne Thorne on set of The Tigress in ’76

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