You’re Not Dead until You’re Forgotten – Autographed Copy – Bill Brownstein


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De l’homme qui a produit certains des films les plus réussis et emblématiques du Canada; Valérie, Shivers, Ilsa – La Louve des SS, Meatballs, My Bloody Valentine, est une interprétation rare, franche et pleine d’esprit de la façon dont l’industrie du cinéma fonctionne vraiment.

From the man who produced some of Canada’s most successful and iconic movies; Valérie, Shivers, Ilsa – She Wolf of the SS, Meatballs, My Bloody Valentine, comes a rare, candid, and witty take on how the film industry really works.

Your copy of the book will be signed by Bill Brownstein.

Your copy will have John Dunning’s signature stamp.

Cinepix was a an oasis in a movie-making desert… John introduced the reality principle into my filmmaking, and he did it in the sweetest, most enticing way.— David Cronenberg
…what I came away with most from my time with him was John’s appreciation and joy of just watching films. He truly loved movies.— Ivan Reitman
There have been three mentors in my life in this industry, two of them were André and John, who very early on taught me everything— Don Carmody
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