Jersey Bellini (MICHAEL DUDIKOFF) and his girlfriend B.B. (LISA HOWARD) are in the kind of business that really strains a relationship. They’re “fugitive recovery agents”, bounty hunters. When they arrest bail jumper Bass during an abortive jewellery store heist and B.B. gets shot at, then arrested, she calls their partnership quits. Just in time, because mob boss MR. Wald (TONY CURTIS), orders the interfering Jersey eliminated. The hit is given to one of his ambitious underlings, crazy Carlos, who hires ex-marine bomb specialist Tyler to do the job. An explosion destroys Jersey’s home, but he miraculously escapes, captures Tyler and turns him over to the cops. An enraged Carlos, under pressure from Wald, hires a team of hit men to finish the job. When B.B. learns that her partner’s life is on the line, she comes to his aid to protect his back. With Jersey being hunted down, Carlos initiates plans to become the number one man by eliminating the top three crime bosses, Wald, Vissoni and Unger in one brilliant take-out operation.

Meanwhile, Jersey and B.B. are fighting for their lives as one team of killers after another try to wipe them out. When Jersey is almost killed by an old-friend and ex-cop Chuck Ramsey, he and B.B. head for the hills. With the help of a visit by his transvestite girlfriend, Tyler switches sex and escapes in drag from jail and is given one last chance to redeem himself by Carlos. Tyler will blow up the crime bosses at a meet in Carlos’ warehouse on the docks. But first, he has to find Jersey and kill him. As Jersey and B.B. try to figure out how to get Wald to call off his hit, they are followed to their hideout by Tyler. That night, as he’s wired a bomb to Jersey’s van, he’s caught in the act. Driving down the road with a ticking bomb beneath them, a terrified Tyler confesses to Jersey that it’s Carlos who’s behind the hit, and where to find him. Jersey dives from the van seconds before it explodes sending Tyler to Hell. That morning, outside the warehouse, Jersey and B.B. watch as the crime bosses arrive for their meeting. Jersey tries to sneak inside, but is overpowered and taken to Carlos who presents him to the mob bosses. While the bomb timer ticks away, Jersey is to be executed.

But Carlos and the mob bosses haven’t counted on B.B. Driving a fork lift truck, she rams her way inside the warehouse. Jersey overpowers his guards and goes for Carlos as the bombs begin to explode. B.B. takes out Wald as the other crime bosses are eliminated by the bombs. On the roof, with the building exploding under them, Jersey and Carlos meet in a final showdown that only one will survive.

Film d’action/Action
Michael Dudikoff, Lisa Howard, Tony Curtis
George Erschbamer
John Dunning, Jim Cirile, George Erschbamer, Jeff Barmash
Brian Pearson
Mark Sanders
Leon Aronson
Durée originale/Running Time:
100 minutes