Hawk’s Vengeance

When Detective Jack “Soldier” Kelly is found brutally murdered, his stepbrother, Lieutenant Eric “Hawk” Kelly (GARY DANIELS), an officer in the British Royal Marines’ Special Services is out to get answers and draw blood. From the moment he arrives in town, he puts his deadly Special Forces skills to work to find his stepbrother’s killer. Hawk discusses the mysterious circumstances of Soldier’s death with Soldier’s partner Detective Lizzie Hampton over drinks. Afterwards, Hawk demonstrates his deadly fighting ability, easily dispensing with three menacing drunks outside the bar. Detective Hampton is impressed by his talents but warns him to stay out of police business. Soldier’s murder is her case, not his. When Hawk goes to his stepbrother’s apartment, he is attacked by an unexpected house guest—Lipo a scared kid with a quick tongue who proves no match for Hawk’s expertise. Lipo, nursing his bruises, explains that he is a member of the Ba Wong Bang, a local Chinese gang. He had teamed up with Soldier to find his own brother, Liping, another gang member, who mysteriously disappeared. Lipo and Soldier had discovered that a rival gang—The Death Skulls—were involved in the disappearance of several Ba Wong Bang members. Soldier died investigating The Death Skulls.

Ignoring Detective Hampton’s warning to steer clear, Hawk goes to work infiltrating the Death Skulls favourite haunt—Club Anarchy. Disguising himself as a skinhead, he goes to the club to see a performance of Hatebeast, which is fronted by Death Skulls leader, Clay. Hawk kidnaps Clay and takes him to a garbage dump where he rigs him up to an inflammatory device. Clay faced with a fiery death under pressure reveals a truth more frightening than a gang war. The Death Skulls are employed by Elias Garr (CASS MAGDA), the top crime lord of the inner city and a master of the deadly Philippine Martial Art of Jeet Kune Do (stick and blade fighting). Garr’s into the most lucrative of black markets—the theft and sale of human organs! The Death Skulls stun the Ba Wong Bang members and bring them, still alive, to Garr’s hide out where sexy back-room surgeon Dr Rebecca Palmer then removes their organs for sale and transplant. The remains are diced up for ”fish food”. Clay explains that he used one of his Death Skulls as bait to lure Soldier into his death. Hawks thanks the unrepentant skinhead by incinerating him. Garr, learning that Hawk is onto him, sends two henchmen, Blade and Duquesne, to take care of Hawk. They are deadly, but Hawk has one advantage—brains. The bumbling Blade and Duquesne are as much a danger to themselves as they are to their victims, and Hawk repeatedly eludes their grasp. There is some action here at the cost to Duquesne of several fingers and an ear. Hawk sets up a meeting between the Death Skulls and Garr’s henchmen. When the Death Skulls arrive outside Garr’s club, they are greeted by two priests in black robes (Hawk and Lipo in disguise). The two “priests” open fire on the storefront then toss their guns to two Death Skulls. Garr’s thugs think they are under attack by their one-time allies. A gunfight ensues with heavy casualties on both sides. Hawk and Lipo walk away unharmed—mission accomplished. Hawk celebrates by taking Detective Hampton out to dinner. She’s a no nonsense kind of girl and before their plates are cleared they’ve rented a room in a hotel next door to consummate their smouldering attraction. Lizzie, hearing on the TV of Death Skulls leader Clay’s mysterious death by fire, suspects Hawk. She warns him again to stay out of police business, but this time Hawk has some useful information. He tells her of Garr’s black market human organ scam. The two agree to work together on this one, since they both have a very personal stake in it. When Detective Hampton reports her findings to her superior, Detective Captain Durkee, she finds him disbelieving. Suspecting that her personal feelings for her dead partner are interfering with her police instincts, he takes her off the case. Meanwhile, Hawk and Lipo are caught following a vicious fight by Blade and Duquesne, and they are taken to Garr’s hideout. Hawk is thrown into a cell with Lipo’s brother Liping, and two other Ba Wong Bang members awaiting organ removal. Lipo is brought straight to the operating room. It turns out his liver is a perfect match for an aging crime boss who has made a million dollar down payment to Elias Garr to deliver a liver—or else.

While the sadistic Dr Palmer prepares Lipo for surgery, Hawk and the imprisoned Ba Wong Bangers plan an escape from their cell. Using only what they can scrounge from the cell and their own pockets, Hawk manages to construct a primitive bomb. Made from match head shavings, bits of gold chain and light bulb filaments, it may not be pretty, but it works. Searching Garr’s compound looking for his buddy, Lipo, Hawk bumps into Detective Lizzie Hampton. She has ignored Durkee’s orders and walked straight into the center of the action. Together with the Ba Wong Bangers, Hawk and Detective Hampton descend upon Garr and Dr Palmer and their gang. The final fight is brutal with Hawk taking care of Blade and Duquesne while Detective Hampton silences Dr Rebecca Palmer. Lipo, reunited with his brother, Liping, fend off a small army of Garr’s thugs. In the end, Hawk must face the deadly Garr. The foes are evenly matched and the fight features a deadly series of fighting disciplines. But in the end, bolstered by the desire to avenge his stepbrother’s death, Hawk is victorious, and Garr is destroyed once and for all.

Hawk’s Vengeance
Film d’action/Action
Gary Daniels, Jayne Heitmeyer, Cass Magda
Mark F. Voisard
Jim Cirile, John Maxwell
John Berrie
Mark Sanders
Leon Aronson
Durée originale/Running Time:
92 minutes