Meatballs III – Summer Job

Rudy Gerner (PATRICK DEMPSEY) had hoped to work the summer with Tripper, the former Camp North Star counsellor at his new marina bar and gas station, but is stunned to learn that the business has been sold to the brutal Mean Gene (GEORGE BUZA) who treats Rudy like a slave. A member of the local River Rats, a water-borne motorcycle gang, Mean Gene’s nastiest habit is smashing passers-by for sneaking peeks at the beautiful woman known as the Love Goddess (SHANNON TWEED) who lives upstairs in virtual isolation. As Rudy toils away as a grunt, his main tormentors from school arrive to continue their persecution of him. Only Wendy (ISABELLE MEJIAS), a girl who is attracted to Rudy, is on his side, but her aggressive personality and outrageous appearance put him off. Witnessing all the summer romances in bloom, Rudy’s frustrations come to a head.

As he bemoans his plight, we switch to outside the pearly gates of the Big Movie Studio in the Sky. Roxy Dujour (SALLY KELLERMAN), the recently deceased blue movie actress is being refused admittance on the grounds that she has not performed a single good deed in her lifetime. She is given two weeks to perform one and assumes Rudy’s dilemma to earn her way into the hereafter. With various displays of super-natural powers Roxy finally convinces the skeptical Rudy that she is indeed a ghost and sets about remodelling his image. Though she succeeds in presenting him as a cool and attractive personality, Rudy’s trysts all fail and lead to further humiliation. Coming to the conclusion that Roxy’s help is no help at all, and having been fired by Mean Gene, Rudy resolves to prove himself by conquering the sequestered Love Goddess. He discovers that the Love Goddess is not the seductress she is touted to be. After Rudy explains his frustrating predicament to the sensitive Love Goddess, she helps him improve his image by engaging in make-believe lovemaking that is heard by an awestruck audience outside. Mean Gene makes it into the tavern with the sole intention of dismembering Rudy, who pleads for Roxy’s assistance. Roxy is standing helplessly at the Heavenly Gates trying to explain her failure, though she realizes Rudy is in deep trouble. A baseball bat wielded by the Love Goddess stops the raging Mean Gene in his tracks. The following day, Rudy has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and of a repentant Mean Gene. Rudy is also shocked and delighted to see the former ugly-duckling Wendy, transformed into a beauty with the help of her new guardian angel—Roxy Dujour. As Rudy and Wendy embrace, a voice from above tells Roxy that her option has been picked up for Eternity.

Sales vacances pour Rudy Gerner. Dans le bar où il travaille, son patron le traite comme un esclave et les idylles qu’il voit se nouer autour de lui, qui n’a aucun succès auprès des filles, finissent par lui monter à la tête. Roxy Dujour va peut-être apporter la solution à ses problèmes. Actrice de films érotiques, elle vient de mourir, mais ne peut entrer au paradis sans avoir accompli une bonne action. Elle décide de venir en aide à Rudy.

Meatballs III – Summer Job
Patrick Dempsey, Sally Kellerman, Al Waxman
George Mendeluk
Chuck Workman, Mike Paseornek, Bradley Kesden
Peter Benison
Debbie Karen
Paul Zaza
Durée originale/Running Time:
93 minutes