Money Kings

Vinnie Glynn is a Boston Irish bookie, with a code of honour and a heart of gold. Connected to the Italian mob, Vinnie runs his “book” his way, rarely using violence to collect a debt. The mob thinks Vinnie’s way of doing business is out of style. So, they send in one of their own to take over. Tony Cicero, an arrogant punk and drug-freak is assigned to Vinnie as his new con. Once Tony has learned the “ins and outs” of the biz, Vinnie’s expendable. It doesn’t take long before Tony starts skimming off the top and running his private action. Frankie Peterson, an out-of-work small time gambler falls into Tony’s debt. When he can’t pay up, Frankie splits town, leaving his wife Marybeth in Tony’s hands. Afraid of what might happen to her husband, Marybeth is forced to prostitute herself with Tony, who thoroughly enjoys humiliating and degrading her. Vinnie, through his long time buddy Al, a beat-cop who’s on the take, discovers that his days are numbered and unless he can do something fast, he’s fish food. A confrontation becomes inevitable. Debts must be settled. Injuries avenged. To survive, someone’s going to have to beat the odds. The Vig must be paid.

Money Kings
Film d’action/Action
Peter Falk, Freddie Prinze Jr., Lauren Holly
Graham Theakston
Paul Hapenny
Sarah Cawley
Alan Jones
Colin Towns
Durée originale/Running Time:
96 minutes

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