Snake Eater II, The Drug Buster

Snake Eater is back! And this time, the crazies are on his side of the law! Once a member of the elite Marine Unit “Snake Eaters”, now a tough city cop known as “Soldier”, Jack Kelly (LORENZO LAMAS) has his own fierce style of law enforcement. Unfortunately, his “unorthodox methods” are better suited to jungle fighting than crime fighting, and Soldier finds himself in trouble with his superiors once again. Now, under suspension from the police force, Soldier plays big brother to a group of delinquents in a neighbourhood the city would like to forget. Soldier may be tough, but he’s got a big heart. His group of youths are training for a city-wide double-dutch rope jumping competition. Some bad drugs, laced with poison, are circulating the neighbourhood and one of Soldier’s kids, a beautiful teenage girl, Cotton, overdoses. Near death, her boyfriend, Wendell “Speedboat” Johnson, an irreverent neighbourhood kid, vows revenge. But Soldier beats him to it. Frustrated by the police department’s inability to act, and consumed with rage, Soldier explodes into action.

Making a daring assault on the neighbourhood drug house, he battles his way into the secured tenement building with a combination of guts and firepower, blowing away the local pusher and his three henchmen. Soldier is the only survivor and it looks like he’s going to have trouble beating the murder rap. Fortunately, his young court appointed attorney has other ideas and much to Soldier’s surprise, pleads insanity on behalf of his client. Suddenly, Soldier finds himself in the “maximum security” wing of a mental institution for psychiatric observation. As he endures the interrogation of his attractive and sympathetic psychiatrist, more of the city’s youths are dying from the poisoned drugs. Eliminating a lowly street pusher had about the same effect as treating cancer with an aspirin. The cancer in this case is the man behind the pad drugs, kingpin Salvatore Franco, eccentric, uncontrollable and untouchable. Realizing the police are handcuffed by a lack of evidence directly implicating Franco, and with the tainted drugs still circulating on the streets, Soldier decides to take action. From inside the psychiatric ward, he recruits his own anti-crime team—an unlikely assortment of outlaws, outcasts and somewhat disturbed individuals who all share one thing in common—a court order declaring them criminally insane. There’s a good natured Puerto Rican kleptomaniac; a professor who planted a destructive virus when the university fired him for using his advance technology as a gambling aid; a televangelist who was involved in a well publicized sex scandal; an arsonist who was declared a pyromaniac; and a quiet, fearsome black intellectual who despises automation. Despite conflicts, rivalries and comical confrontations, Soldier’s group of “crazies” transform the psychiatric ward into a veritable war center, mapping escape routes, creating diversions, assembling materials and enabling him to leave the hospital unnoticed at night. Soldier’s main connection to the outside world is Speedboat. Bright, quick-witted street smart and always in trouble with the law, he conducts his own investigation and becomes Soldier’s informant and unlikely sidekick. Descending upon the streets with Speedboat, Soldier summons all his feral skills to infiltrate the drug underworld—impersonating plumbers, food inspectors, and using the inventive traps that are the trademark of “THE SNAKE EATER”. With the psychiatric ward serving as both base of operation and foolproof alibi, Soldier begins destroying the city’s largest drug empire from the bottom up, culminating with a seemingly impossible assault on Franco’s impenetrable operation. In an explosive climax, Soldier storms the mansion and annihilates the protective fabric of Franco’s organization, wielding a mesmerizing combination of combative skill and white-hot firepower as he finally goes one-on-one with the criminal kingpin. It’s a staggering fight to the death and a fierce battle for justice from which the true hero Snake Eater emerges in victory!

Snake Eater II, The Drug Buster
Film d’action/Action
Lorenzo Lamas, Larry B. Scott, Michelle Scarabelli
George Erschbamer
Don Carmody, John Dunning, Michael Paseornek
Glen Macpherson
Jacques Jean
John Massari
Durée originale/Running Time:
93 minutes