Spacehunter – Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

After the collapse, the cities have become uninhabitable. Law and order has ceased to exist. The survivors huddle in a few fortified towns, under threat of attack by wandering bands of marauders ?THE ROADGANGS. Their “turf”: The vast network of America’s highways. Their “colours”: A bizarre attire reflecting their shattered lives. Their “wheels”: An array of motorized death machines that terrorize the highways.

In one small town, one man, Wolff, a former highway patrolman, dares to defy the power of THE ROADGANGS. In his Decimator, a super-charged lightly armoured cruiser equipped with a 20-mm gun turret, Wolff sets out on a cross-country rampage of revenge. On the road, Wolff recruits two adventure-seeking teenage “guns” astride armoured motorcycles equipped with front-mounted swivel machine guns. Their journey becomes a deadly war on wheels as ROADGANG after ROADGANG attack them. Monster Bikers in hideous “fright masks” a kamikaze swarm of Juvenile Delinquents… suicidal charges from kill-crazed Urban Guerrillas… waves of Punker Freaks who kill their victims with “wired sound”. They all fall victim to Wolff’s vendetta. The final confrontation is a hell of fire, blood and death as Wolff comes face to face with Condor, the supreme ROADGANG leader. It’s a nightmare world gone mad as hordes of Condor’s forces strike from the sky on jet-black motorized hang-gliders.

Spacehunter – Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
Aventure/Adventure, Science Fiction
Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald, Ernie Hudson
Lamont Johnson
Stewart Harding, Jean Lafleur, David Preston, Edith Ray, Dan Goldberg, Len Blum
Frank Tidy
Scott Conrad
Elmer Bernstein

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