Emerging rock star, T.J. Cray (JAMES MARSHALL), is en route to his first major concert when a confrontation with a carload of thugs turns violent. His car is crushed and his hands severed. Despondent, he becomes an alcoholic, and bums the streets of New York City. Cold and drunk, T.J. breaks into an abandoned warehouse, and passes out. He’s awoken by pounding music, multi-coloured lights and swarms of young faces. He’s in the midst of an all-night dance party. Dazed, he’s rescued by Anamika (CHRISTINA APPLEGATE), a regular, who brings him to the walk-up apartment building she shares with three friends ? a sculptor, a computer/electronics wiz, and a techno D.J. Gradually, he develops a romantic relationship with Anamika, overcomes his alcoholism, and with the help of her friends, develops programmable metal hands that allow him to play the keyboards once again. Shielding his identity in a sculptured metallic suit, he re-emerges on the scene as Cyberstorm, becoming a music legend.

Returning to play a concert in his hometown, he discovers that the security team is comprised of the thugs who destroyed his hands. The story culminates in a final dramatic rave where he must choose between an act of violence, or his new life. In the end, he finds his love for Anamika has replaced his anger and bitterness.

VIBRATIONS, “a Generation X” love story filmed on location in New York City, features performances from the world’s leading techno groups, including UTAH SAINTS, U-96, and FIERCE RULING DIVA.

Aventure/Adventure, Comédie/Comedy, Drame/Drama
James Marshall, Christina Applegate, Faye Grant
Michael Paseornek
John Dunning, Michael Paseornek, Stephanie Cedar
Mike Slovis
Pamela Scott Arnold
Bob Christianson
Durée originale/Running Time:
104 minutes

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