You’re Not Dead until You’re Forgotten

From the man who produced some of Canada’s most successful and iconic movies; Valérie, Shivers, Ilsa – She Wolf of the SS, Meatballs, My Bloody Valentine, comes a rare, candid, and witty take on how the film industry really works.

Cinepix was a an oasis in a movie-making desert… John introduced the reality principle into my filmmaking, and he did it in the sweetest, most enticing way.
— David Cronenberg
…what I came away with most from my time with him was John’s appreciation and joy of just watching films. He truly loved movies.
— Ivan Reitman
There have been three mentors in my life in this industry, two of them were André and John, who very early on taught me everything
— Don Carmody

You're Not Dead until You're Forgotten

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