Bounty Hunters

Even though Jersey Bellini (MICHAEL DUDIKOFF) is the best bounty hunter in the business, he’s always broke. To make matters worse, his ex-girlfriend and professional rival B.B. Bannister is about to make a collar worth $10,000 in reward money by catching bail jumping car thief extraordinaire Izzy Snyderman. A fast thinker, Bellini decides to kill two birds with one stone. By snatching Izzy right out from under B.B.’s nose he not only makes some cash, but gets to drive her crazy, as well… So when B.B. shows up to arrest Izzy at his favourite chop shop, she’s surprised as hell to find her ex, Jersey, doing what he does best: busting heads and getting away with… wait a minute… her catch! B.B. busts in, takes out the tough guys who are no match for her mind-blowing aikido skills, and catches up with Jersey. While the ex-lovers bicker in the front seat of Jersey’s van about who’s to collect the $10,000 reward, little Izzy Snyderman sneaks out the back and vanishes. All he leaves behind is his latest acquisition, a sky blue Rolls Royce unwittingly stolen from mob boss Emery Deimos.

When they hear strange noises coming from the car, the two bounty hunters open the trunk and find some very interesting cargo: a hysterical young woman who’s been bound and gagged and pretty badly beaten. She soon calms down enough to tell quite a story. She’s a hooker named Starr who at first thought she was real lucky to be hired by mob boss Deimos for $500 a night, but her luck ran out as she accidentally witnessed Deimos putting a bullet into the head of a lumber boss who wouldn’t play ball. Next thing she knew, Starr was in the trunk on her way to becoming fish food. Despite his instinct for self-preservation, Jersey is shamed by B.B. to help the hunted woman, and Starr soon finds herself hiding out in B.B.’s guest bedroom. Meanwhile, Izzy’s been picked up by Deimos’ goons and soon learns that stealing the favourite Rolls of the biggest mob boss in town, especially when the trunk holds the one person who can finger him for murder one, can be quite a… shocking experience. When “bodyguards” Austraat and O’Connor go to work on the car thief with fists and electric cattle prod, he tells all and soon the tough guys in suits are on their way to pay a visit to Jersey and B.B. Unfortunately, Jersey isn’t alone at home. He and his twelve year old rapper buddy Word are trying to figure out who owns the Rolls by examining a bizarre receipt for “Famous Anus Cookies” someone left in the car. Of course it’s the savvy twelve year old who realizes that the receipt is not from a deli but a porn store. When Word leaves to go home, the mob guys nab him and then jump Jersey in his living room. B.B. gets a similar visit at her place but manages to dissuade the goombahs from taking Starr with a wild array of kicks and punches, followed by shotgun blasts and shooting stars. At the same time, Jersey introduces the mob guys to the explosive fun of his homemade security system, featuring pepper spray, a TV remote that could blow your average couch potato to the moon and a lamp that zaps the unwelcome guest with enough juice to light up Vegas. But when the bounty hunters get together, they realize that all their martial arts skills and firepower are useless as long as Deimos holds Word hostage. In the middle of the night, Deimos gives the ultimatum. They have 24 hours to deliver the hooker who can put him away for life. Otherwise, Word will never rap again. Unfortunately, Starr overhears Jersey and B.B. arguing over whether to turn her over or not, and hightails it out of the house. Left without bargaining chips, Jersey and B.B. decide to do what they do best: become the hunters and not the prey. Starting with the porn store receipt deciphered by Word, they track down Deimos’ favourite chauffeur Clayton, friend of porn producer Leonard French and wannabe rapper at the MEAT nightclub. With their usual martial finesse, the duo grab Clayton right in the middle of his stage performance, turn the nightclub into a battlefield, and manage to get away with only a few serious injuries. In the back of Jersey’s souped up bulletproof van, Clayton soon learns not to judge a book by its cover as B.B., a fairly petite woman, introduces him to the joys of do-it-yourself-facial rearrangement. Needless to say, the bounty hunters find out all they need to know and pay a nocturnal visit to Deimos’ mansion.

As luck would have it, just as Jersey and B.B. sneak around the back, Austraat and O’Connor take Word out the front door and drive him to “the hole,” the private retreat where Emery Deimos keeps his unwilling guests. Back at the mansion, B.B. and Jersey soon realize that they’re wasting time cracking goons’ heads because Word’s not there, and worse, they’ve got only an hour left to get to the docks to trade Starr for Word, only they have no Starr!

Jersey has a stroke of genius—or at least he thinks so. Hustling B.B. back in the van, he races to the nearest sleazy lingerie shop, busts the display window and brings out a bleach blonde wig, a leather outfit and pumps for B.B. to wear… 3 AM. They drive up to the docks, B.B. dressed as a hooker and not thrilled about it, Jersey armed to the teeth, but scared of getting Word killed. The mob guys have guns—and the twelve year old.

Now the Bounty Hunters’ skills are pushed to the limit as they have to outgun, and outsmart the most cunning criminal they’ve ever faced to save their young friend.

Bounty Hunters
Film d’action/Action
Michael Dudikoff, Lisa Howard, Benjamin Ratner
George Erschbamer
James M. Cirile, George Erschbamer, Jeff Barmash
A.J. Vesak
Mark Sanders
Norman Orenstein
Durée originale/Running Time:
98 minutes